Ubuntu – Afrophobia

Afrophobia – Fear, hate, or dislike of Black Africans and Black African descendant. 

africa (1)

The Minister of Home Affairs recently made a statement concerning the attacks on foreign Africans in our country and highlighted the fact that it is not merely Xenophobia but actually Afrophobia. In other words some of us South Africans, do not necessarily seek to harm any foreigner but we seek to harm black foreigners.

Sad to know because we’ve got it all so very wrong.


If you take time to listen to the words of one of our well known artists Slikour in his song, Dreamer, featuring RJ Benjamin, you will notice the tragedy of our ways. I couldn’t have said this better.


Slik…The apartheid system got us thinking we’re weak

that’s why Kasi people cannot reach their peak

No matter how progressive we are we’re still weak

Jews, Indians stick together so they lead

we hate ourselves we endorse overseas

from broadcasters to corporate companies

No wonder eKasi success is a dream…


We need to appreciate each other because no-one else will. We need to support local and buy local goods more than we do overseas and only then will we progress as a people. We must be free from an enslaved mentality.

Who can support us besides us? 

Another song that speaks about unity as an African race and as a nation is Uthando noVuyo by Sugarsmaxx featuring Ringo and SFS


…A little bit of love, a bit of happiness

a place of peace to be at peace with my napiness

where we can walk the streets and just shout (oh oh)

where we can live and let our dreams out

stress free, raise a family

my brother be my keeper so he wish the best for me



When you listen to both these songs you’ll notice they touch on Ubuntu as a whole. Black on black hate, Afrophobia, Crime, Corruption in the government and the lack of National pride all of which tie back to the way we think about ourselves. It’s evident in the way I get treated by the lady at the till compared to how the next white customer gets treated. For many of us, you can tell by the way we look at each other that we hold nothing but resentment, hatred and disgust for each other.

We need to start making changes!

ACTION: Start seeing you as my brother/sister instead of another distant stranger. Support and buy proudly African. 

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