Ubuntu – Xenophobia

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Ubuntu ~ Human-ness

Xenophobia – a fear or strong dislike to people from other countries.

In South Africa, my beloved country, Xenophobia is an issue that puts many fellow Africans’ lives in danger. Many Africans come from all over the continent seeking greener pastures in South Africa, and whilst some of them increase the crime, some of them gladly start small “spaza” shops in townships that put the existing ones out of business. Both crime and shop ownership/jobs are the core reasons why South Africans’ have an issue with foreigners. This then has translated to the many xenophobic attacks that this country has seen.

Long ago, I believe, someone asked Jesus – “Who is my neighbour?” Today I ask you – “Who is your fellow African?”

Whatever happened to Ubuntu?

Instead of putting the blame of increased crime and decreased jobs on foreigners, we as a country need to look within. Maybe if our police force wasn’t so corrupt to begin with then maybe foreigners wouldn’t be successful at crime. Maybe if we stopped expecting success like it’s owed to us and actually worked hard for it then maybe it wouldn’t be so easy for foreigners to put us out of business.

In the words of Tupac Shakur – “It’s time for us as a people to start making some changes…..let’s change the way we treat each other.”


When I look back into our history I see we were fellow Africans.

What good is it to us as a people if we hurt each other?

This weekend on the 21st March we’ll be celebrating Human Rights Day and in light of this I encourage everyone to embrace an Ubuntu mindset.

Love Africa

Action: Remove all assumptions made about foreigners and see them as neighbours.

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