How To Move Up From Ground Zero

Change your self limiting beliefs!

Sometimes the thing that keeps us down and defeated is our own thinking. It’s that little voice inside that keeps reiterating: “you can’t succeed” or “you’re born to remain on the level you’re currently at”, which keep us prisoner to our circumstances. Seeing those self limiting beliefs as truth stops us from even trying, and then those very beliefs are reinforced in our failures, keeping us stuck in a self-fulfilling prophecy or, in simpler English, a vicious cycle. The sad thing is though…some of us don’t even realize it!

Question: Do you want to move up or not?

Well the truth is that to be able to move up from the level your currently on, you’ll have to adopt the mindset of the level you desire to reach. Essentially that means believing you’re there even when you’re not there yet. (Let that marinate for a little bit).

I recently stumbled upon a motivational video that explains this much better:

In summary: these are the 5 limiting beliefs that you will have to change in order to move up a level:

  1. I don’t deserve it.
    • Becomes: I do deserve the best! Because I am good enough.
  2. I just want to be ordinary.
    • Becomes: If I want to be the best, I’ll have to lead and that means sticking out from the group of ordinary individuals. No worthy role model has ever been just ordinary!
  3. I don’t want to be rejected by my social group (my crew).
    • Becomes: Crews keep me bound and I’ll end up missing what is best for me as an individual all for sake of staying in the crew! I know what I desire and I’m going after it.
  4. I’m afraid the good thing won’t last.
    • Becomes: Nothing lasts forever anyway! The point is to live fully in every moment!
  5. I will have to behave as if I’m perfect and I know I am not.
    • Becomes: I will never be perfect! Most opportunities come to grow me and to make me better anyway. No more waiting to be perfect.


Yes, I agree, this is not ALL it takes to move up a level, BUT this is definitely where it begins! This is the foundation you have to make sure doesn’t have cracks. It has worked for me and I really hope it works for you too!